Monday, November 2, 2015

Read People By Their Body Language (part 1 of 2)

The art of body language is that you can read other people by determining their feelings, emotions, and subconscious state of mind. Each body gesture and movement have a particular meaning depending on the event, place, and the people involved. Therefore, even without words spoken, the body can thoroughly deliver a message to another person.

Look Into Their Eyes

The eyes can truly speak volumes. When you are lying, your eyes can betray you by sending a signal of dishonesty. The eyes will reflect one's honesty and sincerity if there is maintenance of eye contact. You can tell if someone is lying through the eyes if he cannot keep his eye on you and his blinking rate is increasing.

You can also tell if the person you are talking to is interested in what you are saying or not. When he maintains eye contact with you, it means that he has his focus of attention to your conversation. But, sometimes the case is different. Some people has practiced eye contact, but deep inside they lack interest. Dull and passive eyes also indicates boredom.

Romance and flirtation can also be delivered through the eyes. When somebody would catch your eye, he would look away. But if he looks back at you, it may mean that he is into you. If he doesn't look back, it means he found no chemistry from you.

Watch Their Hand Movements

One common hand gesture is the crossing of the arms over the chest. This may signify one's anger, doubt or suspicion, or defensiveness from a verbal attack from another person. It is also one of the signs of lying and arrogance.

Another hand gesture is the hands-in-the-pocket gesture. This may have different interpretations. The person may lack confidence or interest, or simply refusing to do a task given to him. Another meaning if this gesture is that he may be nervous or anxious in the current situation. He may also be hiding something from you.

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